Rebuild and Recovery

Liberation Program: Rebuild and Recovery

We believe safe and stable homes are the foundation for success. We seek to become a voice to many victims and survivors of domestic violence and empower survivors by connecting them with the resources for safety.  We look to provide healing and support to local women’s shelters through funding and unique programming to get each person back on their feet and focused on a positive direction.

Some sobering statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Organization:

  • 478 domestic violence fatalities this year (2018).

  • 10 million people are physically abused by an intimate partner each year.

  • 20 calls are placed a day to domestic violence hotlines per day.

  • 20% of women in the United states have been raped.

Our Services:

When we help one person utilize their voice to move others, we will grow a movement.  We will seek a change first on a local level that will eventually grow to a macro-level movement. Our programming focuses on women’s shelters, community centers, and religious institutions.

We develop short-term and long-term learning environments to help women and families get back on their feet. We also seek to establish plans to help those in need rebuild, recover, and remain on the path to success.